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Discover what Amy Hawke can do for you and your company!

Thank you for visiting my webpage. I’m Amy Hawke, motivational speaker and internationally certified Frame of Mind Coach and consultant.

• I work with leadership groups, individuals, sales professionals and entrepreneurs, who want to improve business relationships and increase profitability.

• These same innovative thinking strategies also benefit relationships outside the work place. Want more joy and satisfaction your life? It always begins with a thought.

Personal & Business Mindset Coaching

“Please enjoy my free preview of the must-have audio session for your business and personal life.  If you find what you need here, you can either purchase individual session blocks, or buy the entire 20 minute session right here!”

Thank you – Amy

Mindset Shift #1 – Amy Hawke – Mindset Coach

Motivational Keynote Speaker  |  Business Coach and Sales Training Consultant

Amy Hawke – Here to make you successful in all areas of your life.

One on One PERSONAL Coaching

  • 10 Weeks. 10 Calls. 10 Hours of personal recordings and 70 days of journaling.
  • Journaling is intense. It’s dynamic, It’s deliberate. It’s about driving results.
  • Our process is designed to create an unprecedented level of personal insight necessary for clients to experience a radical change at an accelerated rate.

​This business coaching program is for people who want to achieve more at work. Move beyond adversity. Live life with passion and make a huge impact on others. It begins with your beliefs-your mindset. Are you prepared to take a serious look at yourself in order to experience monumental results?

Speaking Engagements

One hour speaking engagements.

Topics include:

1.) Think Like Extraordinary Leaders & Create More Money!

2.) Design a Workplace People LOVE & Never Leave!

3.) 6 Insanely Effective Mindset Shifts to more Happiness!

4.) Prospecting Gold-The right mindset changes everything.

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The things that block you are also within you. It’s that simple. I know you already have the native talents and strengths within you to move in to the successful person you want to be through proven coaching techniques.

But removing those blocks and unlocking your potential takes more than recognition. It takes some work. And training. And guidance. Like any accomplished athlete who relies on great coaching to push them to their physical and mental capacity, an accomplished professional needs the right coaching to retrain their infinite mind towards reframing how they think about themselves.

Personal or business coaching is not a trick. It’s not a magic formula. It’s not brainwashing. It’s literally working through old, limiting mental habits that hold you back. I can help.

The great sculptor Rodin said, “I choose a block of marble and chop off whatever I don’t need.”

Ask yourself, what makes some people achieve more, create more, and take advantage of more opportunity than other people?

Answer: They are able to align their thinking to tap into their native strengths and move toward them. The questions is, what’s keeping you from achieving more, creating more, and taking advantage of opportunity? Personal or business coaching may be the answer you have been looking for.

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What People Say

“Amy Hawke is a talented mentor and coach who worked with me during Frame of Mind Coaching Certification. Amy has a gift for getting to the root of tough issues and uncovering deep-rooted belief patterns and systems. She is resourceful, caring and extremely supportive in helping others to move forward, see the light and grow into their greatest potential. I highly recommend Amy as a personal and professional coach.”

Dinis Prazeres, President, JEDS Construction LLC

“Amy is a skillful and talented mentor and coach. Having worked with her in real estate over the last few years, she has shared skills with me that are life changing. She is always available when you need someone to validate an idea whether it is marketing, developing financially sound business practices and even assisting in finding the right person for projects. Her approach is to expand both your profitability in business and your satisfaction in day to day life. I appreciate her generosity and her genuinely asking “How can I help you today?”

Joe Sibielski, Premier Sotheby’s International Realty

“Amy is one of the most insightful, skilled, caring people I’ve had the pleasure of working for and with. Over the past several years, Amy has been a coach, mentor and partner in a variety of endeavours including real estate, business marketing and a new business venture.  I’ve witnessed her commitment to excellence first hand. I highly recommend Amy as a coach for sales, business and for public speaking, and endorse her with the greatest regard.  Highly recommended!”

David Burill, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager

“Amy Hawke is an absolutely extraordinary Team Leader and Broker, and I miss her greatly as head of our office! She made it a joy to go into the office. She is one of the brightest leaders I’ve ever known, and at the same time has a warmth and professionalism that is unparalleled. She would be an asset to any organization; among her many strengths is that she has a great ability to motivate, inspire, and lead. She is one of the BEST in the business!”

Mary Anne Walser, Keller Williams Realty

“Amy and I were having lunch when I shared with her an insecurity I had about an upcoming listing; I told her I was afraid I wasn’t up for the challenge. Amy looked me straight in the eyes and without hesitation said “if they believe you can do it, you can do it!” I took the listing and to my astonishment, put it under contract with multiple offers within 6 months. Without her encouragement, I could have missed-out on a career moment, a personal moment and triumph and for that, I am eternally grateful. Manifest Coaching is an absolute “must-do” for new agents and agents like me… who’ve been around for a while. Thanks again Amy!!”

Jennifer Jackson

“Amy is gifted with insight. She has been down in the trenches as a real estate Broker and understands what we go through. She knows what it takes to be successful in this business and has helped many agents find that success. She is possessed of wisdom beyond her years and is skilled in communicating that wisdom to her coaching clients. Want to become great in this business? Place yourself in her care and prepare to succeed!”

Robert Dulin 

“Amy was referred to me at a time when I was struggling with my career decisions and with other professional and personal choices. Her insights and coaching moved me through by clearing out the cobwebs keeping me from trusting my instincts. I feel more empowered today than when I started my coaching journey with her and feel as if the vision I have for my future can become reality.”

Maria Carlton 

“Amy has always had the gift of being able to look at the whole picture, or person, and help the person navigate a successful plan to move forward, bring closure, or motivate them toward their own personal growth. What a perfect person to seek when your not quite sure what your hold up is or what direction to go in. You GO AMY Your the BEST”

Julie Wirth 

“I have known Amy for eight years and have met few people as dedicated and committed to their business as Amy. Her compassion, patience, and sense of humor make her a successful coach. Without any reservation I would highly recommend Manifest Coaching.”

Pamela Ward

“Before coaching I was exiting a very hard and emotionally demanding marriage, just beginning a good relationship with someone who was stable and had his act together and deeply cared for me, yet I was not feeling worthy of his love and my self confidence was still damaged from the marriage. I also was not feeling confident in managing my team at work. In a nutshell my self esteem was overall in the gutter. In coaching with Amy, I have made long strides; I know that I am worthy of new love and that I can love back, I realize I am seen by others as a very loving and trusting person, and I am making strides in my confidence of leadership with my team. It’s a constant journey and Amy is always checking in and encouraging me. She has a heart of gold, is very introspective, and always puts your needs and emotions first. She encourages you to do the work needed because she knows how important it is, and if you get slack then she doesn’t berate you, but comes with love and understanding. I would highly recommend coaching with Amy, she is amazing!”

Beth Smith of Beth Smith Homes

“Under the guidance of my amazingly gifted coach, I’ve gained insight into what drives me, as well as what has hindered forward progress in my life and career. It has been both rewarding and eye opening, giving me new perspective on my mindset and how strongly it influences every aspect of my life. Amy has helped me to focus on the things I need to do to effect change, and perhaps even more importantly, to realize that I have the ability to achieve everything I could ever need or want! With a new outlook and enthusiasm fostered by the world’s greatest cheerleader, I am feeling renewed peace of mind and determination to achieve my objectives. This truly is a coach…and a journey…that I cannot recommend highly enough!”


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