Are you stuck and feel frozen with resentment or a feeling of being dis-empowered? Has someone in your work space or at home mistreated you or is that how you interpreted the events? Either way, it’s your interpretation of events that makes you feel good or bad about your life circumstances.

Remember that if we chose to hold on to bitterness, react with fear, contempt, anger, or negativity, then all that garbage will eat away inside of us. Anytime you feel bad, it is an indicator that your thoughts are turned away from what you really want in life. No one or no job is worth that bitterness so toss it out like the trash it is.

Choose to focus on the things you REALLY want instead.

When you respect yourself first, own the part you played in every event, learn from it and move forward with your head held high, you reclaim your power to be happy again. Do not give your power away.

Expect that the world is conspiring to help you instead of conspiring against you. Look for the gifts in every situation-even the hairy ones that take you to your knees. If you constantly look for and notice the good stuff, you actually start to create healthier interactions, easier sales, better relationships and more money in your bank accounts.. YOU have the power to create all of this.

These very same principles and behaviors can change a workplace as well. In fact, my clients now focus on what their ideal client looks like. They are attracting kinder, more respectful and appreciative clients in more abundance instead of toxic ones that kept them tied them up in knots.

You can also choose to surround yourself with positive people who support your vision for your future. Sprinkle in a healthy dose of daily gratitude and helping others less fortunate to succeed in life and you have a trifecta- the winning recipe for success.

I started learning about the Motivational Mindset and after hiring, training and motivating over 500 sales people in my corporate job in NYC, Atlanta, and Charlotte, I also experienced burnout because I put the job before my family and myself. I then discovered a fantastic coaching technique using mindset management that turned my personal and professional life around in a relatively short time.

My motto has always been “Go big or go home.” Big meaning make your life count and enjoy every second of it like it is your last. This isn’t a dress rehearsal so spend time with quality people and pursue only the important stuff. Collecting massive amounts of “things” won’t bring you true satisfaction. A life well lived will. Bitterness and regret will only keep you stuck, unproductive and unhappy.

Put me in your inner circle and stick with me. I can show you how to dream bigger, save for your future and most importantly, create better relationships by choosing different thoughts.

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