Waiting for something to change like the kids to grow up, your big promotion, your boss to leave the company, or life in general to settle down before taking stock of your life, relationships, job and health is like waiting for gold to fall from the sky. Life never seems to settle down. There’s always going to be that big task ahead of you, the projects at work, bills to pay, home repairs you need to take care of, kids’ homework to help with at night, and so on. You take care of one thing and the next pops up. This is life, folks. It’s never going to change.

But there is a way to make life better, yourself happier and healthier, your relationships stronger and more meaningful: Take control of your priorities. There is always a reason you “can’t” take the time to create the things you want; conversely, there’s always a way you “can” make it work. You can and should make it work. This isn’t a dress rehearsal. Let’s get intentional on making every second count.

Put your focus on saying “I will.”

“I will make that call.”

“I will get to my daughter’s game.”

“I will sell this product.”

“I will earn my biggest commission ever this year. . .and here is how I will do it.”

“I will go to the gym in the morning.”

Priorities. It doesn’t mean being selfish or putting yourself first to the detriment of others. Set your priorities towards doing what is best for you so you can be better around others, be happy with yourself, be a better friend, spouse, employee. Create the life that allows what you want out of it to manifest, to become your own. Set your priorities to do the three most important things so that if done at a high level, everything else becomes unimportant. . When you live in your “sweet spot” or do what you naturally do best, your energy level is sky high and you have more fun, become more creative and accomplish extraordinary things. I guess it boils down to living with passion instead of mediocrity.

Let’s discover what motivates you, and we can determine what will keep you motivated and ways to make the changes you need. Longterm. Everything in your life will feel better. One step at a time, like one pebble tossed gently into a lake, will create a ripple effect of good in your life. You have one life to live – don’t wait for something external to make it the one you want.

“Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success.”

David Joseph Schwartz