Spring it on! Out with the old and in with the new. . .

The Spring season of renewal is the perfect time for you to enjoy your own, personal growth. What are your deepest wishes? More money? Career success? Better relationships? Confidence? A more secure financial situation? A nicer home? You can manifest the change you need to achieve these things and more – beyond your wildest dreams. It takes focus and practice. Let me teach you how. Cheers to an amazing, mindful and heart full Spring!

Stinkin’ Thinkin’

According to Psychology Today, our internal conversations can derail us in a heartbeat.

Do you catch yourself saying “I should have, I could have, I ought to” statements? These terms do not serve you; instead, they work against you and your well-being, leaving you burdened with frustration and anger. Stop blaming yourself and personalizing “stuff” that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t help you or anyone else.

Likewise, terms like “never” and “always” need to go. Sweep them out of your mind and start with a fresh, more positive vocabulary. Using those words in statements create over-generalizations. If one small thing goes sideways and your language in response is “I always” or “I never” you have just escalated the situation and created more drama. Move forward without exaggeration.

It’s past time to Spring into action and claim your happiness. Remember, only YOU can make YOU happy so be very intentional about it. Let only the good thoughts in and deflect the bad ones that don’t serve you well. Focus on these valuable tips each day, and watch your life improve as you turn to one of abundance.

Clean Out These Bad Habits

* The Blame Game: Don’t go there-Being the victim takes away your power to change and makes you feel so much worse.Like a bad tape you play over and over and over again. Better to look at the situation differently. Try to find the good in the challenging situation so you won’t feel so bad or stay stuck. Even if the thought is just a little bit better, you probably will feel more free to move forward. Look for the blessings in that situation. Only then can you focus on your future best self and life. Remember, you can be right or you can be happy -but you need to choose.

* Labeling Others: Be aware that when you recognize something “bad” in someone else, oftentimes you have that same trait. Seeing it in another can be a trigger to make positive changes in yourself. Pay attention to when you label people around you and switch that thought into a positive one for yourself.

* Magnification: End the habit of magnification, the exaggeration of problems and shortcomings, by eliminating the words “always” and “never” from your speech. Does exaggeration make you feel good? Nope. Your goal here is to make you feel good, to attract more good in your life, and serve the world better, which takes up all your energy and brings positive everything your way.

Try a New Approach

* Morning Meditation: For just 10 minutes every morning, do some meditation. It will lower your blood pressure and improve your overall health. I recommend the website Headspace for beginners.

* Declutter Your Desk: It’s simple! An uncluttered work space allows for an uncluttered mind.

* Practice Gratitude: Each day, purposefully ask yourself “What am I grateful for?” Keep a journal and write in it daily. Look back after one year and enjoy seeing the abundance in your life!

* Service: Choose a cause that speaks to your heart and in which you can participate regularly. The act of giving raises the soul’s vibration and you will receive more feelings of well being and connection because you are now part of the solution. Bonus? My experience and a natural byproduct is that more blessings will come your way when you help another. Maybe you just see the blessings more easily after serving?

* Power of Touch: Non-sexual touch contributes to greater well being and actually leads to a bio-electrical change that relaxes the nervous system and reduces stress, heart rate and blood pressure. For women, it also lowers cortisol which can interfere with memory. A good old fashion bear hug or warm grasp of another’s hand is soul satisfying. We need connection and a tribe. This habit is easy!

Happy to Help!

If you have questions or want tips about improving your relationships, loving your life, or maximizing your income , don’t hesitate to contact me. I can teach you tools to completely shift yourself into an entirely new way of living fabulously, happily and successfully.

All the Best,
Amy Hawke
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