Show Me Your Friends…

I often reflect on my family and friends with extreme gratitude. I know how different my life would be if I chose to fill it with different people.

My family, closest friends, and colleagues are nothing short of amazing. They are supportive, positive, helpful, FUN and so much more. We help each other rise and feel good. Nothing is unattainable. If you dream it, you can be it.

Their values and strong work ethic aligned with mine. Overall, they are happy, positive people and good things come their way. They aren’t just well-rounded business people. They are well-rounded members of the community, supportive and loving friends and largely I have a tight family unit that plays together and stays together.

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” –Dan Pena

Many of my clients are initially mired in family struggles. Typically, we inherit the beliefs from former generations without questioning whether they still serve us well.

Other than our spouses and partners, we can’t choose our family, but we CAN make purposeful decisions as to how we interact, support and/or react to them. We can raise our children with strong morals, ethics, caring, selflessness and so on. We can – and should – lead by good example. It’s not always easy, but it is possible.

One client in Atlanta just remarked to me that her father couldn’t believe the difference he saw in her since I began coaching her. Vacations were always fraught with bitter arguments, extreme competition between parents and among siblings, and tons of drama to go around.

This summer was different. She learned how to allow them to be who they are without a lot of judgement and did not give their negative side any energy or lip. She let it roll off her back and kept focused on the stuff that made her and her immediate family happiest.

Frankly, it baffled the heck out of the extended family members but made for a much more satisfying vacation for everyone.

I know I am lucky to have this fabulous inner-circle of clients, friends and family but can’t credit “luck” alone. It’s about the choices I/we make.

We must own that it is up to us to monitor how much energy we give to others and to each situation-I encourage you to choose to give less to those energy vampires or negative minded people.

Surround yourself with those who come from contribution, love, charity and who practice good work ethics. Your future will be brighter because of it on every front!