Love your life. Create your future.

Manifest Love and Improve Your Personal Relationships

It’s that time of year, always around Valentine’s Day, when “love is in the air.” Or maybe it isn’t, and you want it to be. Perhaps you have happily found your “one,” are going strong, and want to keep it that way. It could be that you are looking for love or simply satisfied with loving the personal and professional relationships that you have already established.

You are constantly attracting people and experiences into your life, not only with your thoughts but with your whole being. We attract circumstances that are consistent with our beliefs and behaviors, so it’s imperative that – to attract the person, personal relationships or business relationships that we want – we need to be that person we want. Simply, like attracts like. It takes practice and focused energy. Here are some ways to begin:

Tip #1: Make a decision. What are you really looking for in life? In a partner? In a relationship of any sort whether it is love, business, family or friendships? Think about it. Meditate on it. Start your journal-a brain dump of sorts. Write down your desires and expectations-actually visualize it as if they already occured. Once you determine what you want, you must believe that you are going to get it and be deeply grateful that it is already on it’s way to you. Think on it every day.

Tip #2: Be self-aware. Know how YOU “show up” when you come through the door. If you snarl at your partner when you walk in the door because you are tired or had a bad day, how do you think they will respond? Try an experiment. Even if you are not in a good mood, smile and be kind and give them some positive attention and watch how they in turn respond differently to you.

Tip #3: Beware of how you talk to yourself. If you are ashamed about how you look, feel inferior or inadequate, insecure and unsure, you will attract people who will view you the same way as you view yourself. In other words, love attracts love. Respect attracts respect. To get love and respect from other people, you must first love and respect yourself. This is true for any relationship now or later in life. This is perhaps one of the most difficult concepts to put into practice if you’ve spend a lifetime of self-flagellation. Beauty always starts on the inside.

Tip #4: Give love. Appreciate what you are, who you are and that you do have gifts you can share with others. First,you must love yourself before you can love others. Huge. Secondly,when you give love, you get love back. It may not come directly from the same person, but it will appear in your life. Show love and acceptance to even the unloveable because we are all interconnected. Also recognize, everyone has a gift and you are meant to share yours with the rest of the world.

Tip #5: Believe. Believe in yourself, believe in the process and believe that you already have the power to manifest everything you desire in life. You create your own reality and the world responds accordingly. Be positive with anything and everything. Remember, you become what you think about!

Tip #6: Get the right coaching. Your life is a work in progress. Work with someone who can help you be “over the moon” happy, loving, loved and extremely successful. Identifying and removing mental roadblocks takes focus. With the right “thought Dr.” you will re-frame your innermost thoughts. The process requires guidance, support, hard work and practice and the end result is nothing short of amazing! You deserve to have it all. It all starts with a thought….

Cheers to your loving transformation and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Amy Hawke,
Founder, Amy Hawke Manifest Coaching