Intentionally Winning at Business and Life

Tip #1: Establish Personal Goals: What do you really want to achieve? Success, recognition, a promotion, increased revenue, more vacations, no more worries about college debt, creating a generous retirement plan, being able to pay medical bills or set aside money to buy a home?
After you decide what you really want, write it down and collect images that represent those goals. Make duplicate copies so you will see them in the morning and before you go to bed. Make them your screensavers. Do whatever it takes to reinforce your determination to make them your personal reality. Don’t wait. Start the momentum forward.

Tip #2: Establish Business Goals: For example, if you work in sales then establish your sales goals. Include annual sales goals and monthly sales goal. Prioritize your top 3 daily tasks. Create tomorrow’s call list with names and phone numbers before you leave the office for the day. Never ever erase a task, call or appointment without replacing it.

Tip #3: Imagine You Have Already Achieved These Goals : Yes, that’s right! The folks I know who were most successful at making more money, having a great relationship and losing weight actually imagined it first and saw themselves as thinner, richer, happier first before becoming so.

Be aware of your self talk. Words such as “want, should and hope” can be self-defeating and slow you down. Replace them with “I have X” and “I am grateful for “Y,” “ I intend to …. “ I will do ….and I am grateful for it.”

My favorite is “The more money I make, the more I intend to give away.” The energy surrounding those words and intentions are more powerful and they will attract many wonderful things into your world.

Lastly, surround yourself with other like-minded professionals . Network with and interview other professionals who have already achieved the level of success you desire. Read books that inspire you. Your mind and world will grow to the extent that you do.

Tip #4: Procrastination is the Dream Killer: Procrastination and self-doubt block you from achieving what you want in life. Oftentimes, the subconscious mind sends the conscious mind thoughts that will limit our successes. Those road blocks are self-imposed and simply self-defeating.

For instance, one of my clients would burst into tears when ever she thought about making sales calls even to her sphere of influence. She thought “I am disturbing my friends, I am not experienced enough, I don’t want to look like I am begging for business.”

No calls = no appointments = no income. It’s simple math.

Solution: My clients and I dig deep to discern what beliefs are holding them back. We then shift those faulty beliefs and replace them with honest and positive thoughts that serve them better. For instance, that sales professional now believes “My friends, clients etc. like hearing from me because I am offering them a solution to their problem. ” Or “They like hearing from me because they know I want to help them make good decisions. I have market knowledge that will save them money, time and energy.” I have clients that have actually doubled their business yearly by examining their deep beliefs and replacing them with more positive and affirming ones.

Tip #5: Clear the Clutter! Say “Goodbye” to Energy Vampires and “Hello” to Friends and Family: Focusing on what you want is the single most important step in making this work. You must clear your mind and desk of clutter. Delete any thoughts that are not completely in alignment with your goals. If friends or coworkers don’t support your new vision of success or happiness, give them the heave-ho. (Yes, some people do not want to see you succeed or change or make more than they do.)

Also most folks want balance, a happy home life and success. A healthy balance is possible if you plan accordingly. Don’t fall prey to the old adage that “I can’t attend my child’s soccer game or spend time with my partner or take a vacation because I have to put food on the table. My family will understand….” News flash: If you continue to put business in front of your family, in the long run you deplete your relationships, your personal joy and may not have a family to go home to.

I almost did that myself. You must invest time to nurture these precious relationships. Put those appointments in the calendar first. Make certain you also carve out “ME” time weekly to refuel. Being self- employed or in sales has a 35% burn out rate yearly. Burnout is a form of depression and it is a horrible and debilitating state. Even reading that word makes me emotional to this day. I want to save YOU from that place. This is not a sprint, it is A MARATHON. Respect your time with family and things that nurture you. Your clients and friends will in turn enjoy a more balanced professional who is on point and now able to serve them at the highest level.

In closing, remember we choose the thoughts that dominate our attention. The way we feel is our compass as to whether we are on the right path. If we want to feel better about something in the office or at home, we must choose better thoughts. You have complete control over your success and happiness. Own it. How you show up for work or at home will create the world, career and relationships you desire, one powerful thought at a time.

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Cheers to your success!

Amy Hawke,
Founder, Amy Hawke Manifest Coaching