How do I feel LOVE? It’s an inside job!

Be grateful for all you are and all that you are becoming each and every day.

When you love yourself, when you are truly grateful for the things and people in your life, everyone benefits. 

Have you ever noticed . . .

  • When you smile others smile with you. 
  • When you are having more fun or helping someone else just for the heck of it, your energy level rises. 
  • When you do something meaningful, your energy increases and so does the positive vibration of people all around you. 
  • Yes, you actually appear more attractive to others when you are happy!

It may sound counterintuitive, but loving yourself allows you to actually give away more love and energy. Loving yourself isn’t selfish; it’s a gift to everyone around you. When you are happier, you make people around you happier. Your life gets one step easier with just this simple fact.

Yes siree!  Who would you rather sit next to: a curmudgeon or someone who appears happy? You know that answer. Be that person who appears happy, even if you have to fake it til you make it! It’s so easy and gets easier each day.

A smile is the most precious jewel worn on a person. It is contagious. Don’t get hung up on having the perfect body or most expensive clothes, etc. Beauty is an inside job and it begins with loving yourself. Jennifer Sincero wisely says “If we only get to be in our bodies for a time, why not celebrate the journey instead of merely riding it out until it’s over?”  You already have all the answers inside of you so go within and give yourself permission with a grateful heart, to simply love yourself.  The up-side is when you do, you become more loveable. Happy Valentine’s Day!